Pat Carr

Pat Carr’s silver gelatin, selenium tinted photographs are inspired by the Modernists of the 1920s and 30s. His influence comes from photographers like Andre Kertesz, Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Imogen Cunningham. Carr’s work is no larger the 5x7” and is displayed in antique frames, giving them a very intimate feeling.

Apples_B_W_4_X_4.jpg Brick_24_B_W_4.5_X_4.5.jpg Bridge_B_W_5.5_X_4.jpg
Even_B_W_4.75_X_5.jpg Fruit_B_W_4_X_4.25.jpg Garlic_B_W_3.5_X_4.jpg
Leaf_B_W_4_X_.25.jpg Root_B_W_4_X_5.jpg Roots_II_B_W_4.5_X_4.5.jpg