Steven Hazard

Steven Hazard’s allegorical etchings combine myth with the industrial age and often represent the sensory overload brought on from the multi-media of the modern world and the social chaos of ancient history.

Hazard has the ability to draw and subsequently etch anything and everything well and in great detail. His painstaking technique leaves no detail overlooked and his imagination is magical. His works are in many collections nationally including the Smithsonian.

A_Voracious_Reader_5Color_etching_5_1_.5x7_135.jpg Fate_Handling_Liberty_1Color_etching_5_1_.5x8.5_85.jpg Hippocratic_Hijinx_II_1Color_etch_AP_8_1_.5x5.5_85.jpg


Unknowing_Tongues_in_Babylon_16.jpg Shell_Game_1Color_etch_75_1_.jpg
The_Sky_is_Falling_8_1_.5x5.jpg A_Voracious_Reader_B_W_AP_5_1_.5x7_110.jpg