Bert Menco

Bert Menco’s work has been exhibited internationally. Dutch born, his work won the “Sponsor’s Prize” at the 3rd Sapporo International Biennale (1996, Japan) and was included in “The Best of Printmaking, An International Collection” in Gloucester, MA (1997). He has had numerous solo exhibits and is exhibited in the Rotterdam Historical Museum.

Black_Jack_Lady_Etching_Aqu.jpg Crowd_Etching_6_1_.75x9.75_.jpg Fugitives_Etching_6_1_.5x8.jpg
Hell_Drypoint_2x7_1_.25_180.jpg Parade_Drypoint_8_1_.75x5.jpg Rue_de_la_Morosite_Drypoint.jpg
Joan__Jean_d__Arc__1.5_X_9_190.jpg Paradise_Drypoint_3_X_8.25_225.jpg Voyage_Stone_Lithograph_6.5_X_9.5_225.jpg